Prof. Dr. Ir. Sufardi, M.S.

Professor in Soil Chemistry

Reseach Interest : Soil Fertility, Plant Nutrition, Soil Analysis, Soil Chemistry

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Email : sufardi_usk[at]

Prof. Dr. Ir. Darusman, M.Sc.

Professor in Soil Water Management

Reseach Interest : Interested researches focused are drip line irrigation for crops and physical properties of soil, land remediation as well as climate changes affecting crop lands.

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Email : direkturpps[at]

Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasanuddin, M.S.

Professor in Weed Management

Reseach Interest : The topics of my researches are still weed management oriented, particularly by using herbicide and by using the weed itself as bio-herbicide

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Email : hasanuddin[at]

Prof. Dr. Ir. Lukman Hakim, M.S.

Professor in Plant Protection

Reseach Interest : Plant Protection, Plant Protection Technology, Research Methodology, Conservation of Biological Resources, Philosophy of Science, and Agricultural Microbiology

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Email : lkm_hakiem[at]

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ahmad Humam Hamid, M.A.

Professor in Agriculture

Reseach Interest : Sociology and communication especially in agricultural development

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Email : humamhamid[at]

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sabaruddin, M.Agr.Sc

Professor in Plant Production Science

Reseach Interest : Plant Production Science

Homepage :

Email : zaksabar[at]

Prof. Dr. Ir. Samadi, M.Sc

Professor in Animal Nutrition

Reseach Interest : Animal Nutrition

Homepage :

Email : samadi177[at]

Prof. Dr. Ir. Rina Sriwati, M.Si

Professor in Plant Disease

Reseach Interest : Plant disease science, fungal ecology, nematology and biological control of plant pathogens and agricultural biotechnology

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